Hermosa Beach City Council candidates to debate the issues



  • Elections

    Redondo Beach school board extends terms by more than a year

    Redondo Beach school board members have extended their terms of office so they can move elections to years that see greater voter turnout. After little discussion, the five-member Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to lengthen their terms by one year and two months and to move elections from March of odd-numbered years to June of even-numbered years starting in 2020. That means Anita Avrick and David Witkin, whose terms are up in March 2019, would serve until June 2020.

    Megan Barnes

  • Municipal elections

    Field already taking shape for 2018 Torrance city election

    Former Torrance Councilman Tom Brewer, vanquished three years ago by Pat Furey in a spirited race for mayor, has emerged as the first viable challenger to the incumbent in next June’s election. Brewer ran and lost in 2014 when he and fellow Councilman Bill Sutherland split the Republican vote, while Democrats rallied behind Furey, even...

    Nick Green

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